Musibiz is a free site, full of advice for new and upcoming artists.

Musibiz has recently introduced management to work directly with interested parties in marketing and managing their entire operation. After 12 years working in music , Michael has plenty of relevant experience for artist management.

“Artists think they can do it on their own but a variety of skilled people working together for the same goal is critical for a successful campaign on anything . It takes many parts and all working like a well oiled machine to make things happen .” - Michael, Musibiz

Michael looks forward to hearing your music…

mix engineer mixing pro uk ireland

Bit Depth and Sample Rate explained

This is simply the best explanation I’ve ever seen online.


This video covers the very basics of Digital Audio. In the 2nd part I cover some harder principles, and going into more depth, you can watch Part 2 here: I have again been experimenting with a new teaching style to keep the video engaging, so please do let me know what you think!
mix engineer mixing pro uk ireland

International Mixing Service

I have grown up and lived in English and French-speaking countries and have attended international schools. As a result I’m fluent in English and French and have a basic grasp of the other Latin/Romantic languages (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) but also of German and Dutch. It sounds ridiculous to say this but due to being around international people all my life I speak very slowly and clearly when speaking with non-native English speakers. I’m easy to understand.

For the convenience of international clients I accept Sterling, Euros, Dollars and Bitcoin.

mix engineer mixing pro uk ireland