Recording Tips Part 1 - Session Parameters



TLDR : Record at 48kHz, 32 bit

When you first create a recording session/project, you are asked to select SAMPLE RATE and BIT DEPTH. These are explained clearly here. Alwyn’s suggested settings for most recording setups is “48kHz” and “32bit float” (although 24 bit is fine if thats the highest bit depth available). This is a sufficiently high resolution that won’t cripple most computer recording systems. If you’ve already started it may be possible to change the settings or maybe you will have to create a new project with higher resolution and import the files you already have into the new session. If you’re at 44.1kHz and 24bit it’s not a disaster but if you’re recording at 16bit you’re noticeably compromising the depth, life and musicality of the recordings. The sooner you change the session parameters (bit depth and sample rate) the better.

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